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If you are running your own local recursive name server, it is your responsibility to make sure these IP addresses are reverse-mapped in your DNS configuration. Just over 1% of the queries at the root-servers in one of the studies were for localhost.

To illustrate reverse-mapping a zone, let's assume that we are using a private address range, (16 IP addresses only). ; Start of Authority (SOA) record defining the key characteristics of the zone @ IN SOA ns1. ( 2007040800 ; serial number 12h ; refresh 15m ; retry 3w ; expiry 2h ; min = minimum ) ; name servers Resource Records for the domain IN NS ns1. ; A RRs for name servers are not glue and therefore ; not necessary ; PTR RR maps an IPv4 address to a host name 2 IN PTR ns1. This means that in the study case, which was a subset of the total root-server query load, there were more than 12,000 DNS configurations with no localhost zone defined.

BIND's ; reverse map for $ORIGIN 5.168.192. Localhost is used by many applications as shorthand when referring to the local PC, and is always mapped to the loopback address (or ::1 for Ipv6).

This article describes five things that you can do to keep you and your organization safe as well as reduce unnecessary load on the DNS infrastructure: ) or zone file fragments are included.

This process is referred to as , which finally will return the IP address we require.

Sometimes it also useful to be able to start with an IP address and find the name allocated to it; email systems especially use this technique as part of an antispam arsenal.

In Master Slave DNS setup when a slave is created, it obtains an identical copy of all master records using zone transfer method.

Master-slave have easy replication mechanism, as soon as a change is made on Master server, it notifies the slave & slave then fetches the data. Master server dns.Slave server slave.IP address IP address We have already discussed how we can create a Master server.

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DNS is a complex, highly distributed system that operates on the hierarchical structure of domain names, so it is worth briefly covering some background.

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